MYLO+ Health Planner (2015)

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MYLO+ Health Planner (2015)

Ella Boleynn
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your health?

You don’t remember how you felt yesterday or the day before – let alone how much sleep you had last Wednesday. If you’re anything like me, you are tired of writing your daily pain levels, medications, blood sugar, and energy levels on a thousand slips of paper – only to leave them all at home when you visit the doctor. You know your doctor needs to know what is helping and what is getting worse, but you just don’t have the energy to keep track of it all.

You want to be healthy. MYLO+ health can help.

MYLO+ health includes everything you expect in a planner with a built-in health tracker.

You can quickly note daily health items, new symptoms, or questions you have for your doctor all while living your organized life.

MYLO+ health includes an at-a-glance calendar (three years), a health information sheet, a contacts section, a gift planning section, a library sheet for tracking items you loan to friends, and an important login tracker.

MYLO+ health’s unique health tracker includes:

1-10 pain rating scale to share with your doctor

Activity or energy level tracker

Blood pressure tracker

Bubble-in pill tracker (5 total pills, use to track individual medicines, pain pills, or the times you take medicine)

Stress tracker

Blank area to describe weather

Notes section to record blood sugar, other symptoms, or important medical information

Body tracker to circle painful areas

Two-Page Monthly Calendar Spreads include:

Plenty of room to write in important dates

A large column for keeping track of your monthly goals

Preview calendars for the next and previous months

Two-Page Weekly Spreads include:

Left-hand column for writing out weekly goals, things to buy, people to call, and places to go

Pre-populated dates

Daily columns include

header for recording important events and daily notes

10 item checklist

health tracking section

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